Key Differentiator

Post Graduate Program In Banking & Finance

BSE Institute Ltd. has the distinct advantage of being placed right in the heart of the financial hub of India. The Indian market, since liberalization in the early 90s, has come a long way and is one of the fastest expanding markets in the world. Our faculty and subject matter experts have firsthand experience in dealing with the realities of the markets. As a result, we are able to appreciate how organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors identify and respond to the new challenges and opportunities, which corresponds to the saying "He who does the job teaches the job".

  • Association with the BSE has given us the edge of being at the hub of regulatory changes, the vast knowledge base, the wealth of experience of 136 years, formulating the most aligned curriculum.
  • Our international programs have helped us in making the focus of our program 'glocal', providing a vast base to the learners.
  • For more than two decades, the BSE Institute Ltd. faculty have drawn on their passion for teaching, their experience in working with organizations worldwide, and the insights gained from their experience to educate professionals who have shaped the practice of business in financial markets not only in India but also many other countries around the world
  • Our course design and development is firmly grounded in knowledge of business processes - in entrepreneurial companies and established firms unconstrained by the boundaries of academic disciplines
  • Case studies replicate actual business situations and are taught so that students must work together to make difficult decisions under typical management conditions, including a lack of complete information, complex tradeoff situations and time pressure. Our faculty is from the industry along with being academicians; hence they are able to put real time case studies on the platter for students consume and get nourished. We can proudly say that the case studies discussed in the sessions are 'real-time'
  • Our institute can also proudly boast of the 'simulation lab' where the students can learn trading on 'real-time' basis.
What can you expect ?
  • Excellence in education on financial markets
  • Cutting edge curriculum and education through distinguished faculties using cutting edge technology &emp; research
  • Teaching delivered by leading academics and renowned speakers most of them being industry experts and business leaders to give students the power of practice
  • Brilliant blend of theory and practice aimed at creating next generation financial markets experts who can deliver the best results and take the industry to new heights
  • Exhaustive coverage of subject matter keeping up with the changing industry requirements.
  • Real time trading in the simulation lab
  • Benefit of getting one on one attention
  • Course offerings concentrating on specialist skills in Financial Markets
  • Career Services
  • The 'Location' advantage, of the institute being present in one of the major international financial hubs
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